A classic and quiet home, providing personalized programs for your retired equine.

Tucked amidst the rolling, green hills of Pennsylvania lies Springdale Farm.

Founded in 1863, Springdale originated as a cattle farm producing its own corn and hay. On the farm was also a sawmill. Annie's grandfather timbered most of the lumber contained in the structures still used today. The farm has been completely custom refurbished to suit the needs of a different species - horses. Your retired friend will enjoy our 25 acres of green fields.

Cool, fresh water is always at hand. Our natural spring is plentiful and is the source of our six spring ponds, hence the name Springdale. As for the barn; it entails fifteen 12x12, wooden stalls. Our facility includes grooming and h/c bathing stalls, rubber mat aisle ways, miles of land to ride, and a large field overlooking our largest pond.

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